About Us

How We Got Started

My ancestors, the Gaiser, Hess, and Wright families have been farming for over 100 years in the ridges and valleys of Tyler County, WV. In that time, they raised everything from fruits, vegetables, and poultry and both dairy and beef cattle. I spent many of my summers working in the garden with my parents, great aunt, grandma, and an elderly neighbor, learning invaluable lessons about growing food. Eager to travel the world, I left Tyler County in 2010 and enlisted in the Air Force, but I missed life on the farm no matter where I went. So, I decided to move back and give farming a go. When my grandma passed away in 2017, that’s when we found our namesake, Frankhorse. As we were sorting through her things, we found an old picture of my grandpa with a horse-drawn wagon on the old farm. On the back was written, “Jack G. Gaiser and Frank Horse.” Since the Gaiser Family Farm is up there, we decided to name our new adventure after Frank. To avoid implying that we are either Frank or a horse farm, we went with “Frankhorse,” so it just appears to be a last name. Even though we didn’t quite make it back to the family farm in Tyler County, we have found a home here in southern WV. 

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